Jooglies Goodies für Joomla und VirtueMart

SSH is not only for Linux freaks, just a few commands can make life so much easier.

But be aware, an rm in your main folder and you got your webspace emptier than space itself ...


Overview of the commands

  • ls - Shows files and folders
  • mkdir - make directory - create a folder
  • cp - copy - Copy files and folders
  • mv - move - Move/Rename files and folders
  • rm - remove - Delete files and folders
  • tar - Create or extract a tar archive. Useful for backups.

wget - download files into your webspace


Show the folder contents

ls -a or ls -l (The latter shows a list with more details.

Create a new folder

mkdir new_folder (Creates the folder new_folder.)

Copy a folder with all it's contents

cp -R folder/ folder_backup/ (copies all subfolders and files)

Move files and folders

mv folder/* folder_backup/

Rename files and folders

mv file.txt file_new.txt
mv order/ ordner_neu/

Deleting files and folders

rm -R folder/ (Deletes all files and folders inside of "folder/")

Compress files and folders with tar

tar czvf new_archive.tar.gz folder_to_compress/ (Compresses the folder folder_to_compress into a file new_archive.tar.gz.)

Extract tar archives

tar -xzvf archive.tar.gz extract_into_this_folder/

Change owner

chown username file.txt

Change permissions

chmod -777 file.txt

Please be careful, via SSH you can delete your web space in a blink of an eye. Please always keep backups and keep them locally or push them to another server.

Please be carefull using these commands. It's best to check them twice before pressing Enter.